Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hermes Ambassador trove update

Readers who are interested in an Ambassador should be sure to check the new (May 2) comment from Amber Smith on the original post.


  1. I noticed earlier this week she had some listed on ebay.

  2. Wow. I gave about 15 minutes of serious thought about this, but I'm just not in the market for a 45-pound typewriter! Intriguing model, though--I hope I get to see one some time.

    1. They are huge typewriters, although not as heavy as you might think since the body is aluminum. The typebars are also surprisingly small!

  3. In a fit of excitement after viewing this posting (I missed out on the first round) I sent her an email. Curious what she'll sell the ones that are not in working condition for, as I like to do a little tinkering myself.