Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Baltimore & Breker

I was in Baltimore last weekend for a conference and took the opportunity to check out the funky antique shops in the great Hampden neighborhood.

I did not walk away with a typewriter. The Underwood no. 5 in this shop was something like $495, and the Royal portable was $295.

I enjoyed seeing this ad on an Underwood shift key:

A few blocks away, I was hoping to visit Ken & Ray's typewriter shop (as seen on this blog a few years ago):

Sadly, it has been replaced:

The shop is part of a very picturesque street (click to enlarge):

Happily, Ken & Ray are still in business (info here) even though they no longer maintain this storefront.

Meanwhile, I got the latest catalogue from Auction Team Breker. The only unusual typewriter on offer this time is a Thürey, but there are many other beautiful mechanical antiques. As usual, I would like to offer this catalogue to a reader of this blog. The first person to e-mail his or her US address to me at will get it. (Update: the catalogue has been claimed.)


  1. Very expensive typewriters. I think most people will try to get ebay prices just to keep the resellers from buying at a reasonable price and turning around and selling on ebay. Problem is that there are only one or two ebay sellers that truly refirb typewriters to command the high prices. Seems buyers don't care, grab the cc and buy a typewriter.

    1. On the other hand, in the place where I live, people don't want to buy a typewriter despite its cheap price: About $25 USD's ($500 MXN's). They think it's too expensive. :(

      It's an Olivetti Studio 46. xD

  2. Good to know about Ken & Ray. Not too far from me since my local repair guy has retired.