Saturday, May 12, 2018

Remington Sixteen

This machine was brought in for repair to Urban Legend Typewriters. It's going to be a graduation present for a high-school girl.

I've never actually gotten my hands on a Remington Sixteen before. This machine is essentially the same as the Remington 10, the company's first frontstroke typewriter, introduced in 1908—but this Sixteen was made in September, 1933. The model stayed in regular production until 1939, with a trickle continuing all the way into 1942 and the outbreak of the Second World War. By that time, this typewriter was truly an old-fashioned machine, which had been technically superseded in January 1939 by the all-new Model Seventeen. The 17 was the basis of the KMC and all the later standard manual Remingtons.

This typewriter needed plenty of cleaning and several repairs, but it's now working well and it is a very pretty machine. So I thought I'd share it on this blog.


  1. Vertical spools, right hand return, very shiny! Nice refurb job (:

  2. That will be a great graduation present. Very nice work Richard.

  3. I love the reflection of the keys on the face plate, it is like a grand piano, that
    is a beautiful machine.

  4. This machine is a delight I love the design but is quite heavy, I have one and I am sending it to a person who repairs antique typewriters, because I want to use it really soon! by the way, I just realized the background you have, that place "Casa Aguayo" is a well known store here in my country they sell furniture & office stuff, I love the envelope with the typewriter printed on it :)

    1. Thanks for commenting. How nice to know that Casa Aguayo is still in business!