Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Caligraph awakening

I'm impressed by how good the alignment is on this machine — after at least a century without use, I'm sure!

The ribbon is a two-inch-wide ribbon for Acroprint 125 and 150 time clocks, found on eBay. I cut it down the middle to create a strip that would fit the one-inch Caligraph spools.


  1. Congratulations! Amazingly nice typeface.

  2. Congratulations! Amazing really to see its typed result - gives pause to think how this would have seemed when this machine was new. This was still an amazing feat of human ingenuity, advanced technology. Printed matter, made instantly, right in front of you!

  3. This is so great - beautiful typeface and clever use of time clock ribbon. I'd love to see a video of this typewriter in action.

  4. How does the typing feel on this machine compared so something a bit more modern? The oldest machine I've typed on is my 1904 Fox, and its got a decades worth of advancement over the Caligraph so I'm not sure how comparable they are.

    1. Some of the keys and typebars are a bit deformed, but when you use the ones that are in good condition, it feels pretty good—it's a sharp, solid action that is more precise than I expected. Of course, you can't see what you're writing, which would soon drive me nuts, and you have to deal with the Caligraph keyboard layout.

  5. Nice to see yourself and Mr Bowker resurrecting these old machines. :)