Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Romance of Typewriters

On Thursday, at the invitation of author, book promoter, and typewriter collector Sheila English, I attended Lori Foster's Reader & Author Get Together, a gathering for romance writers and their fans in suburban Cincinnati. A third typewriter lover, author Monica Corwin, joined us.

This was our plan:

The plan was soon modified to just be "Fun with Typewriters" all afternoon. It was a casual and enjoyable time to chat and to provide information, advice, and companionship to the various people who wandered in and tried the machines.

In addition to about half a dozen usable typewriters, we had several historic typewriters on display:

Sheila brought this recent find, a well-preserved Bennett with a super-rare brochure:

Monica brought this Underwood Champion with a clever tripod that fits into the base of the case:

People had fun trying the typewriters, writing letters and poetry, and learning or relearning how to use the manual devices.

A Valentine was a must-have at a romance convention!

Monica is in the middle here:


  1. This looks like a lot of fun. I see you brought your Purple Prose Producer Turbo - a good choice for this event :)

  2. I love that haiku. It's perfect

    1. I agree, and I should make clear that I'm not the author; it was written by another participant in the event.

  3. Thanks for this detailed report. I like the haiku a lot.