Thursday, June 9, 2016

Guest typecast: "I think God likes typewriters"

Here's a thoughtful guest typecast, from the owner of a Hermes 3000 with the Epoca typeface who's been reading my book.


  1. Thanks for posting these thoughts. Every time I pound on a typewriter keyboard, I have an experience very close to this: "In that very flight from the past which I am toward the future which I am, the future is prefigured in relation to the past at the same time that it confers on the past its meaning." (Sartre, Being & Nothingness, p 278.) Typing on my computer gives me the illusion of a seamless now. Writing on my typewriters conjures the very rich and highly problematic implications of living.

  2. Richard, as you said in one of your previous post that you're going to sell some of your collections. May I know if you are ready to let go Royal No. 10 desktop? and if yes, what condition it is in now? How much you would like to sell? Thank you.

    BTW, which typewriter you use to type this post? I like its typeface.

    1. I don't currently have a Royal 10.

      Please see above for information on the author of this post and the typewriter used.

  3. The BIG question is, if God has a typewriter, which one?

  4. Typewriters are imprints of the souls that use them.