Thursday, February 3, 2011

I adopt a Scandinavian

The rear of the carriage swings back, as on some Smith-Coronas, to reveal the margin settings and paper support.

The line space dial

Intended as a foot, serving as a knob

"M" is for Margin

The ƒ (guilder/florin) key; touch regulator; silicone (?) typebar rest; unique ribbon spool with 9/16" ribbon

A plaque on the back indicates the store that sold the machine.
"Kantoorinstallaties" means "office installations" (machines?) in Dutch.

One big foot.


  1. That's right pretty! Reminds me of an SM-3. If you figure out that left knob problem let me know I have the same thing happening on my Hermes 3000. It's not "loose" but works its way out and won't feed lines, so I have to poke at it all the time.

  2. The foot as platen knob blends in very well, so good choice. The big "uni-foot" (which immediately brings to mind a picture of Halda hopping along behind her briskly marching four-footed typewriter friends) is a distinctive design feature; and it looks to be in good shape too.

    If I'm not mistaken, the ribbon cover is hinged to swing upward like that of an SM-3 as well.

  3. Thanks for posting such detailed photos - I helps me understand why I couldn't fit a working ribbon spool with my Halda (same model as yours). I guess I will have to "bastel" a bit.

    Umlauts are not, strictly speaking, accents. However, the "..", when used as trema, would be an accent (as in "Citroën").

  4. Very nice looking typer there. It does look very similar to a Royal QDL, which, of course, I am in love with:) Love the deep green color as well!

  5. Have wanted a Halda ever since Chris Beaty (I believe) used one as a chapter-head icon in his NaNoBook "No Plot? No Problem!"

    Beautiful green crinkle finish. Thanks for the detailed pic. I like the peg-board inspired bottom panel.

    Really been intrigued by the Junior, too, after your article (that was yours, wasn't it?) in ETC. Such gorgeous little machines.

  6. That's a nice green machine! And yes, your Dutch translation is correct. I love that it's got the guilder symbol... that's a neat touch (and wonderfully obsolete!)

  7. That crinkle paint looks like a bionically verdant lawn. Excellent!

  8. Richard, I have a green Halda in the shop that I am using as a parts machine.
    The platen knobs are good and I'd be glad to send them to you if you want them. I also like the touch and feel of the Halda. Its a good typer.

    1. Hi. I also happen to have a Halda portable typewriter, manufactured in 1958, with a Greek keyboard. It lacks both ribbon SPOOLS: would it be possible to purchase them from you, if available, please..?!

    2. I will pass your request on to Tom.

  9. I just noticed that the keyboard (though not with the same layout) has many of the same symbols that my Dutch Torpedo has.

  10. WOW! that's super beautiful! I just bought one myself, at a local secondhand shop, but also from the firm Blikman&Sartorius. Can you please help me find the serial number? i'm super curious when this machine is made. thanks in advance, (i'll send the one with the 'golden tip' a letter from my first Halda!),

    Francesco (francescoUNDERSCOREgrassottiATmeDOTcom)