Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pencast: The Pennant

UPDATE: The free magazine has been taken.


  1. I won't request the magazine but I will be looking for references and so forth to find out more about the two older pens I do have. any websites I should start with (or avoid)?

  2. To notagain:

    This is Richard Jarvis. There are a world of fountain pen places out there. I'd suggest starting out with: (commercial site) (commercial site) (commercial site)

    And from these sites you'll be tossed out to many, many more. It's a fun hobby!

    Richard Jarvis

  3. Rats! Late to the party, once again.

  4. And I'm later still...

    What ink is that? It's purty, at least in the scan!

  5. It's Pilot blue-black cartridge ink.

    Richard J, thanks for helping me out! I did not mean to suggest that I have any expert knowledge of pens.