Thursday, February 24, 2011


Editorial on the situation


  1. It's too bad I can't just move him here. My local shop closed when the owner retired doggone it - and that was before i was collecting.

  2. Vive' la revolution! I wonder if Tom Hanks needs the platens replaced on his collection - that could pay Mr. Green's rent for a year :D

    Seriously though, it's awesome to see a craftsman get a second chance to keep doing his craft. May there be a resurgence in the popularity of typewriting in your town so that Mr. Green can continue to profitably ply his trade!

  3. Wonderful!! God be praised Mr. Green! As soon as I get the chance I'm going to come buy a type writer from you! I hope you have some Olivers.

    Richard's comments in reply to the reporter's prognostications just can't be improved upon. And, actually, without the internet, Mr. Green's type writer shop probably could not have been saved--ironically enough.

  4. Without the internet, there would be no typosphere; just a bunch of luddites sitting alone with their antiquated machines. I love the irony that what so often isolates us can also be what brings us together.

    Now that Mr Green has been showered with money, how about we shower him with business? Anyone out there have a machine needing repairs? If there is only one typewriter shop in an literary town like Amherst, he should have a corner on the market.

  5. Wow, a miracle. I was braced for bad news. I hope this reprieve and the publicity leads to more business.