Monday, May 3, 2021

Royal Quiet repaint (before)


I snapped up this 1938 Royal Quiet at an antique mall in 2014 (here's my original post about it). I could see right away that the paint was flaking and ought to be redone, at least on the top and in the back.

But it's such a pretty machine, and not common. I love its details.

Well, this weekend a professional typewriter restorer and seller offered to repaint the whole thing for me, preserving the chrome and the Dick Hoyt decal. I am jumping at the opportunity.

If it comes out well, you will see an "after" post on this blog.


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Interview on Red Transmissions Podcast

Thanks to Elizabeth Torres, aka Madam Neverstop, for a great interview on the Red Transmissions Podcast. Our conversation includes today’s typewriter movement, typewriter art and music, books on typewriters, where to find machines, and which models to begin with. Find it at or on other podcast platforms.