Wednesday, June 26, 2024

A visit to Typewriter Chicago

Typewriter Chicago is the brainchild of Lucas Dul, and the second new typewriter shop I've had the opportunity to visit this summer (after TB Writers Plus). Lucas just recently secured a brick-and-mortar location after operating from his home for several years. It should soon be open during regular hours.

I got to stop by on my way to Milwaukee for QWERTYFEST MKE. I've known Lucas online for a while, and my Loose Dog Press published his brilliant book on the Williams last year. But this was our first chance to meet in person.

Lucas at the workbench. He is meticulous about disassembling and thoroughly reviewing machines.

The atmosphere in the front-facing area of the shop is very neat ...

... but in the back, it wouldn't be a typewriter shop without some "chaos" that the proprietor understands very well!

The multitalented Lucas created this lovely stained-glass window.

I know: WD-40! Lucas uses it only for exterior cleaning. In Milwaukee I discussed WD-40 with Bob Marshall of Typewriter Muse, whose view is that the use of this product as a lubricant may or may not be appropriate, based on the environment. In a dusty area, dust may stick to WD-40 and create a problem.

Some less common typewriters on Lucas' shelves include an Oliver ...

... and a very nice early Demountable.

I trust this will be the beginning of a long and successful career in typewriter repair for this young technician. At the moment, he has a waitlist of 79 machines awaiting his attention, but if you want to get on his list or visit the shop, here's his contact information.

Lucas Dul
Typewriter Chicago
1525 Ogden Ave. Unit L, Downers Grove, IL 60515 


  1. Lucas is talented and fearless. He has refurbished a Remington Standard 2, Chicago, Emerson, and a Williams for me. He disassembles, cleans, repairs, and tests. All four can be used. The Remington 2 is a favorite visitor demo typewriter. I can hardly wait to pick up my latest machines and visit his new shop. Oh, that is a pretty red Royal De Luxe!

  2. The Hits just keep on coming! :D

  3. Always great to see another typewriter repair shop opening.

  4. Wow, Ogden Ave in Downers Grove- a short walk from my childhood home! So glad to see new repair shops coming into existence. And a generation of young techs is very reassuring for the enduring future of typewriters!

  5. Ah, the much-maligned WD. The bete noire of the typoshpere. The one thing everyone knows not to do--yet no one really knows why.....

    1. Bob Marshall's explanation (see above) made sense to me. In humid areas, WD-40 (intended for Water Displacement) may be good for typewriters. In dusty ones, it's not. I haven't verified this, but it's logical.