Monday, December 14, 2020

Scotch Brand Typewriter Cleaner No. 575

I've reached an intermission point in my novel. I needed to do some shopping, administrative work, and academic writing. But I hope to get back to the story before long. I have a few ideas, and so far, it's flowed pretty well at a NaNo-ish pace (3 single-spaced pica pages per day, roughly 1500-2000 words). As before, I am enjoying sinking into an imaginary world, and seeing the story coalesce.

Meanwhile, here's a product I hadn't seen before, which was generously sent my way by someone who didn't need it anymore. I had never tried something like this. From the folks who brought you Scotch tape and were going to bring you Post-It notes, it's Scotch Typewriter Cleaner No. 575!

Does it work? Well, kinda, I guess. Some ink comes off the types, for sure, and gets imprinted in this fuzzy pink stuff. I doubt that it would clean out big, black wads of compacted ink and ribbon lint, such as we find in the e's and o's of our old machines. Then again, if you used it regularly, your typewriter  might not end up in a condition like that.

Have anyone else ever tried this?