Wednesday, October 26, 2011


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PS: I'm adding this photo of rn at the Occupy Wall Street camp in New York (see comments).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pictures at an exhibition (of typewriter madness)

It's too late to be typecasting -- I don't want to disturb fellow typewriter collectors spending the night at Herman Price's house -- but here are a few photos with brief comments that will give you an idea of the fun we had today.

Steve Lehman and Peter Weil discuss an Antares:

A few shelves of Herman's collection:

Jett Morton's Lego typewriter mechanism:

We compared an earlier and a later Alpina (notice the carriage return levers):

Peter presented some great research on an Oliver cigar box that he found, sold by a pharmacy in the town where the Oliver was made:

Steve and Herman:

Jett shows us a Sears (Smith-Corona) with changeable type:

Steve's mint red Underwood Champion was soon to find a new owner:

Devin (Duffy Moon), Peter, Jack Knarr, and Herman enjoy a variety of modern portables:

Peter shows us a framed Royal ad, probably from the late '20s. Is it an oil painting or "oilette" print?

At Herman's office there are still more machines, such as these "typewhiters":

... and these colorful portables:

In addition to a heap of typewriter talk, we had lots of good food and good laughs.

Now here are a couple of overviews of the main room in Herman's basement (which is still less than half of his collection). You can click these to enlarge them.