Monday, July 4, 2011

All right then, more Cincinnati type-in pictures

Ted wanted more photos, and here they are, complete with some links. 
These pics are courtesy of William Lawson (Typecove).

Here are the four public typewriters and the pink SC88 blogging station. 
Usually there were more people here, but the table was never full.

Jerry Lee Atwood (Jerry Lee's Western Wear) with the sterling silver
Smith-Corona from the collection of Alan Seaver (Machines of Loving Grace).

Mike Brown (typewriter repairman and editor of The Typewriter Exchange -- e-mail to subscribe) presents tips on repair and maintenance.

Herman Price (Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum) on a maroon Remington Noiseless.

Richard Polt using his Groma Kolibri to take notes on Mike's presentation.

Marty Rice (Johnstown Type Writer Conservatory) blogging on an Oliver.

The Cincinnati Enquirer has published a short news item I wrote on their web site.
Don't know whether it will appear in print.


  1. Well done! Glad to see the pics. I'm going to have to look up how you painted the 88.

  2. Great pics! I hear there was a Skype-in at the Type-In! :D

    It's truly amazing how social the typosphere has gotten in the past year (or so I assume, were there type-ins before then?)

  3. There were, and are, typewriter collectors' meetings. That's what we did at my house last weekend. But the type-ins are something else: shared public use of writing machines. A brilliant idea (kudos to Mike McGettigan, who organized the first one in Philly).

    Next I want to participate in a typewriter flash mob -- like a type-in, but unannounced except to the participants. We've talked about it but I don't think it's happened yet.

    Matt participated by Skype in the 10-minute typing contest at my house (and beat the pants off us all).

  4. That looks like it was a great time.