Monday, October 31, 2011

Last-minute fetish fix


  1. Oh, that sort of fetish. [Puts down cat suit and bottle of body chocolate.]

    I suppose I've got some rituals as well, like wheeling the typing table out to its usual place in the family room, and filling up the paper supply at home and work, and in running off all the "supporting documents" like the NaNo words-per-day chart, and (this year) my list of names from my spam folder to be transmogrified into character names. Over time, my home machine has been decorated: a post-it note from my daughter with a self-portrait on it, tiny toys -- this year, the Nano Rhino is coming to visit, and a sticker from In & Out that I attached with a magnet.

    Fetishism can be dangerous to a fragile muse, though. If I decided I simply MUST write on the KMG, what happens if the drawband gives out mid-session? I could panic, or I could just grab the SM3 sitting nearby and retire the machine until the end of the month when I have monkeying-around time again. In pinch, I might even go pen and paper.

  2. That's a whacky chocolate flavoured marbling on your endpapers!

  3. As awesomely vintage as that may be, would it not be basically the same thing to use a 3-hole punch and a 3-ring binder? I rather like the idea of being able to keep freshly-typed pages in order.

    Rob brings a good point to mind, though. Good luck finding a modern, 3-ring binder with that cool marbling effect!

  4. Rituals and fetishes are a good thing. They focus the mind and look cool besides! I am a sucker for arcane instructions of any description and envy your new notebook.

  5. I think it's a little spooky you focusing on Olivettis as I almost did exactly that myself. I bought a silk olivetti ribbon from Jay for NaNo. In the end I finally decided to bring in a few others that don't get enough work.
    Love that binder.
    p.s. Have we seen a pic of this 22?

  6. The portion of the fetish I want to ask about is the silk ribbon. I'm assuming you get a crisper print than with nylon or cotton. Would there be any other reason that you have adoped the silk fetish?

  7. Wow! That typewriter "notebook" is amazing. What's your username on NaNoWriMo? Maybe we've come across each other on the Typewriter thread. I'm invdrzim.

    Cheers, and good luck!