Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stages in a poem's life


  1. I think my major difficulty with writing is illustrated here. I love editing the work of others but editing my own is stressful. It must be why I like stamp carving. A cut once made is unalterable - I can only cut away more.
    All these examples help me learn the processes of writing that work for others.

  2. Love the play on words with the concepts of "absolute" and "absolution" both present.

    The choice of "unarrested" next to "unabsolved" is also interesting, since "absolute" (which is not related to absolution, I realized) also means "free from restriction".

    I like many things about this poem - the theme of constant motion (both the train and the stream), the absence of both light (in the sense of the sun/ other illumination) and lightness. Then there is also the fruitless quest for meaning/ absolution... a perfect metaphor for time, really.

    Thanks also for the insight into your writing/ editing process, achieved by the means of some rather impressive technology! (Makes mental note to learn how to use .gif...)

  3. Great! The first useful use of a gif I've seen in years!

  4. Gif-tastic! Magni-gif-ico!

    Isis is unseasonably low.
    Groundwater drought.
    This is December.

  5. Between your animated poem and Adwoa's typing over maps, my eyes have been kept VERY busy this morning!