Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Typewriter ringtone / alert sounds for iPhone

Using the Sound Studio program on my MacBook and the Ringtone Designer app on my iPhone, I recorded some sounds from an R.C. Allen VisOmatic and Royal KMM, and turned them into alert sounds for my phone. Why? Just because I'm a child at heart.

You're welcome to have these if you like:

[Sorry, these are no longer available. You can make better ones, I'm sure!]

Download these files to your computer, add them to iTunes (they should show up in the Tones category), and then sync them with your iPhone. You can then select them as alerts or ringtones in the Sounds section of your phone's Settings. Let me know if you have any trouble.

I'm using the typing sound to alert me to an incoming text, the ding of the bell to alert me to an incoming e-mail, and the carriage return when I send an e-mail. The fourth tone is a bell plus a zipping carriage return.

Now I just need a phone case that looks like a typewriter. Here's a nice design I spotted on eBay, but one can also design a custom case.

What would the old typewriter inventors say about all this? I think they'd be delighted.


  1. Richard, what a great idea! I already have such sounds for the computer to make my word processing sound like a type writer. The program is called "noisy typewriter."

  2. ... and now I need an iPhone.

    Thanks for the tones Richard.

  3. Forgive me for shamelessly using your comments to advertise myself, but "Plogger" is now ready for viewing at:

  4. This is yet another reason why I need a smart phone!

  5. would like that as an mp3 or wav for other phones ... :)