Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Well, I had to do something to help fund this trip, so these are two typewriters I'll be putting up for sale at the collectors' convention.

Here's The Noiseless portable #92 — yes, the serial number is 92. Super cute little machine, but I got a very nice later one with a tiger decal, so I can stand to part with this one.

And here is Standard Folding Typewriter #11595. As most readers know, this was the predecessor to the Corona folding.
If I don't sell them in Milwaukee, they'll be available for sale after the convention.


  1. i bet tons of people would be all over that standard folding if the typeface matched the decal - how awesome would that be??? it'd become a keeper!

    1. Yes! The American answer to Fraktur. That'd be sweet.

  2. While you're in Chicago, go see the Oliver Typewriter Company building on North Dearborn St just north of Randolph St. It's a Chicago City Landmark and it's beautiful. It's right in the north Loop, across the street from the Goodman Theatre complex. In the 1970's I was manager at the Harris Theatre (original name before Goodman) and would look out the boxoffice window right at the Oliver building, and wonder "what was an Oliver typewriter?" Now of course I know. Also a trip northwest out of Chicago on the Illinois Northwest Tollway, will take you to Woodstock, Ill. If you have the time, it's well worth it. You can google the Emerson Lofts to get a map to 'the Woodstock factory. I now believe that the Oliver factory complex is north of downtown Woodstock. Follow the railroad tracks by the downtown train station, north maybe 5-6 blocks, and there's a 12 acre plot of land that's it.
    Anyway have a great trip, and let us know how it was. Sorry I'll miss meeting you. I'd have gone if I knew you'd be there.

  3. I won't be at the convention, (just returned from another road trip) but I still love the Folding machine. Fantastic typeface.

  4. Ever since i have been collecting, I have had 3-banks, and more specifically, a Noiseless Portable in my sights. So beautiful, so tiny, so (dare I say) "cute"! I just love its design, even if it is not on the practical side of things, And yours is so old! Wow! I am sure it is out of a high-schooler's price range, though...