Friday, December 5, 2014


Congratulations to everyone who gave National Novel Writing Month a shot this year, and especially to those who made it to 50K.

I sat down at the KMC DeLuxe for a few sessions, but soon discovered that my time was too short and my heart wasn't in it. In case anyone would enjoy reading 4 single-spaced pages inspired by Gogol's Dead Souls, here you go.

Who can guess what's in Grushkin's bundle?


  1. Me, I like the hat. I was just in Brisbane's best little hat store, looking at an Akubra Stylemaster, which is not dissimilar to your model there :-)

  2. A fifty pound potato that Grushkin developed by twenty five years of selective breeding, which, if planted across the plains of central Asia, would have revolutionized the production of vodka.