Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Calling all insurgents!

Can you help me answer this question from my press's publicist? If you have suggestions for media outlets, please mention them in comments.

"This week I will be sending out samplers with pages from the book to about 75-100 media outlets, concentrating on print and long-lead outlets. If there are any magazines, websites, etc., that you think are popular with the various demographics and audiences for the book, I’d love to hear what they are! Specifically, we are looking at the following audiences:

·         traditional collectors
·         hipsters/young urban-living types
·         Baby Boomers/nostalgia
·         People interested in the writer life
·         Those with a political interest in privacy

Let me know if there are any core groups I am missing here! I welcome and value your input as the expert in your particular field, so I would love to hear from you about the kind of people you have noticed with a strong interest in typewriters."


  1. McSweeney's/826, Powell's (or practically anywhere in Portland), Elliott Bay in Seattle.

  2. Typewriter Restorers; also typewriterdatabase.com

  3. - Wedding / Event Planners who are looking for a unique guest registry experience
    - Hollywood/Television/Play set dressers / prop people
    - Preppers - people who have sustainability needs to live and work "off the grid"
    - Bed & Breakfast operators looking to provide a romantic/nostalgic touch to their properties

  4. - Tele/Radio: NPR Book Reviews, Fresh Air Radio Program, Podcasts that target your audience, such as New York Times Book Review Podcast, Bookworm Banquet, San Francisco Book Review Podcast, etc.
    - Print: The Writer Magazine, Writer's Digest, Poets and Writers Magaine


  5. Thanks for the suggestions so far. (And theshytypospherian, I appreciate your speaking up.)

  6. Here in Singapore, a significant group is scrapbookers who use them for Project Life or journaling!

  7. 1. Early childhood educators with an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math).
    2. Back-to-the-land Wendell Berry adherents.
    Good luck!