Friday, August 14, 2015

Portland's Typewriter Troubadour

Mississippi Ave., Portland

Jeremy types quickly in response to the prompt "clown" ...

... then reads the results to the young patron:

Of course, I had to request a poem myself:

Thanks, Jeremy!

This is the last of my reports from the land of bikes, beer, books, beards — and typewriters.
Portland has been delightful!

PS: And be sure to support, whatever it may be.


  1. Wonderful story. I love the concept of poetry busking with a typewriter, and would be thrilled to come across someone doing this in the UK - I would certainly commission a poem!

  2. I guess I need to get down to Mississippi Ave more often. Great post.

  3. Man, these typewriter poets are multiplying like rabbits! I give it 3 years before there's one in every town :D

  4. This makes me want to brush up on my poetry. There are a lot of good places to type in my home town. I've used a folding tray like the one he has and they are just about perfect, height wise. Look at the speed and precision with which he handles that machine! No wobble or hesitation, just zip zam and you're done, like getting a balloon animal. Poem and a show. I'd love to learn from one of these guys.

  5. WOW! Cool, you picked my cards! Thank you for turning them into amazing typing art!:)

    1. How neat that you found this! Thanks for the cards! :)