Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Revolution in the mailbox: In the shadow of G**gle and on the road to London

A view of our base camp:

Meanwhile, from Agent Bikethru:


  1. Looks like the insurgency is becoming a ground swell! Well done, Mr. [REDACTED], well done!

  2. I am glad to hear that they are training up the young insurgents properly in the Western District.

    The library looks like a lovely space, especially so with the typewriters all standing at attention, ready for duty.

  3. Is there another Type-in London in the future? Just moved here to England and would LOVE to attend!

    1. I'll be spending next July in London and certainly hope to attend a type-in or two. I'll be busy but will have some free time, especially toward the end of the month. Such type-ins will be announced on this blog and/or on Welcome to the Typosphere (

      Of course, Londoners don't need to wait for my presence to organize such events, and I hope they will. In fact, you could go ahead and do so. I will spread the word however I can.

  4. hmmn, yet another Hermes 2000 with bad skipping in the ASDWZ side of the keyboard. I've seen so many that do this that I'm beginning to believe there's a mechanical fault inherent in the design.

    Also, Huzzah to the work of the Agents of the Revolution!