Thursday, February 25, 2016

San Telmo safari

On my last day in Buenos Aires, I met three Argentinian typewriter collectors (and a patient collector's wife) in the old San Telmo neighborhood.

We chatted and enjoyed coffee at the El Federal bar.

Then we headed to the San Telmo Market.

Here's what we saw in San Telmo.

A handsome '50s Underwood portable:

A sturdy Baby:

Two good things: beer and Evita.

An Antares "Underwood," marked "Please don't touch."

A Torpedo 25. These are usually branded Remington and were made in Brazil. See my similar Remington 10 here.

The Wellington got the extra name "Pan-American" in Latin America. Note the "Nu" for número.

The Olivetti Bambina is another machine you don't see in the US.

The expedition was fun, but I bought none of these — I had plenty to carry already, including a Valentine. I cleaned the Valentine last night. I can recommend Armor-All wipes!


  1. Some pretty cool machines. Can't wait to see the Valentine cleaned up!

  2. Love the architecture and the '50s Underwood.

  3. The Torpedo is so incredibly ugly that I actually like it.