Saturday, April 2, 2016

Poem #2

This one turned out to be some quasi-Nietzschean doggerel. The typewriter is a 1938 Rheinmetall with italic typeface and simulated woodgrain finish. I'll show it on the blog soon.


  1. I've not been keeping up with my blog reads. Nice poems. I did not know there was a month set aside for poetry. Now to get off of my weird schedule and maybe try one before the end of the month.

  2. Lovely doggerel. I can't wait to see your Rheinmetall in full. I love the glimpse of bone-colored keys.

  3. Wonderful poem, Richard. I do think you should be creating more poetry for your blog.

    Tell me, where do you get the airmail stationery?

  4. All this creativity in our's inspiring. And Nick T is off the find the Naumann, Erika, Robotron factory in Dresden! .....and more.
    Also waiting to see the Rheinmetall!