Sunday, February 11, 2018

An extra-special Erika M portable typewriter


  1. Stunning! A unique color for the ‘M’! I am sure even pulling the platen was a challenge.

    1. It's fussy, but not too bad. What's really tough is getting the chromed cover for the left end of the carriage off, as I had to in order to fix the left platen release mechanism. You have to remove the carriage return lever, disassembling it in a way that — well, let's just say that it still makes me shiver.

  2. I'm tuning up an Erika M I bought awhile back. Thanks for posting the diagram. Still trying to figure out the margin setting mechanism, and definitely will not be removing the platen (cringing).

  3. I am excited beyond any reasonable measure to see French and Spanish diacritics on this machine.

    Being that I wish to have machines that have multilingual keyboards, this is my definition of perfection. I can now dream of finding a similar one with the same keyboard layout.