Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Impex typewriter, A Bread Factory, and the end of a shop


  1. Sad to see the locally owed businesses going out of business, but then even the big box office suppliers are having problems against the on line trade (that by the way many times saves little as I recently found. I could save a whopping dollar by getting my ink cartridge set on line. I chose local).

    I need to check out Patrick's blog.

  2. Odd that some parts were in the case and others were missing. I wonder if it wasn't in pieces before packing up. I was surprised to learn that you fixed it with Remington parts.

    I have read through "Monkey at a Typewriter" in the past and enjoyed it. I find it refreshing that using analog methods still produce quality work. It takes me back to a time when actors were, well, actors.

  3. Looks like the removal of the ERIKA decal left a little mark on the upper right part of the ribbon cover. Lovely typers, the Erika 10 and 12.