Monday, July 15, 2019

Book review: Tears of the Trufflepig, by Fernando A. Flores

This post was scheduled in advance to be published during my digital detox.

More on Fernando A. Flores: He "does not own a computer. Flores, 36, has decorated a wall of his Austin home office with an array of pages from manuscripts he’s typed up the old-fashioned way, with typos and excised lines crossed out with inky X’s. Below the display of papers is where the magic happens: a simple wooden desk, adorned with a lamp, which plugs into a power strip, and an Olivetti Underwood Lettera 32 typewriter, which does not." — Texas Monthly

On Denise Terriah

On the Austin Typewriter, Ink. podcast


  1. I wonder if the ATI Podcast will end up becoming the radio news service of the Typosphere :D

  2. Weird, but interesting...
    Those Northern Mexicans are so... special... (^_^;)

  3. I’m curious about how the typed manuscript becomes a digital copy of he doesn’t own a typewriter- does he have someone else scan or retype his pages? It would be wonderful to write completely non digitally!

  4. Computer! Haha how did my phone decide I wanted typewriter in place of computer?!