Sunday, January 26, 2020

Zuboff on privacy


  1. Let's all type away and keep our documents secure.

  2. It'll be interesting to see how things evolve in 10, 20 years. For now, to me it looks like we're just towards the end of a "transition period". But will we eventually give up privacy for media and efficiency? Or will people become more aware of the shortcomings of "smart" technology, and roll back to more private, intimate and "real" forms of communication?

  3. My father, who was a business man, said once to me; why need a computer?; i type a contract, copy it with a copymachine and file it in a map.. if i need it i look it up, grab it out and have it straigt away. With computers what happens when the power goes out, my secretary is ill, the network is down or staff is untrained in using computers..

    He was right but it wouldn't last, offcourse, that's evolution, he died just before the social media was here and lots of privacy issues are now discussed but boy what was he right. Regards, Indro