Monday, November 30, 2020

Installment 1

The first installment of my unnamed sequel to Appointment with the Inferno.



  1. Interesting...
    It looks promising...
    I'd love to read more of it. <3
    I didn't know half of the words you used. <3
    I didn't even know English could be used that way. <3
    (And that's why English is the Language for Literature)

    Is it about a sort of post-apocalyptic story or something like that? I love dark, edgy and gloomy stories. :D

    Maybe I post my book this way on my blog...
    But I can't decide about the typeface for it...
    Also, Spanish, English, German, Spanish & German or the three languages?

    1. Whichever language speaks through you — so that you're not just speaking through it — is the right one for your literature.

      My protagonist has escaped from a limited apocalypse, an "inferno," at the end of the first story. I am thinking of the stories now as parts I and II of a single novel.

    2. OK xD

      I see...
      Probably they should be a single novel...

  2. I like your story. A bit of lighting the typewriter fire in a young girl and some happiness for a lady.

  3. I confess: I wept inside a little through the whole thing, kind of dreading both what might happen and where we actually are these days. But at the end I wept openly, both for the beauty of the sentiment and its effect on the customer, and for a time when we could hug a stranger. Very nice, Mr. Polt, and thank you.

    1. How kind of you to let me know — thank you. I have learned a lot from Brian Sonia-Wallace's The Poetry of Strangers about the power of listening and giving voice to people. I've also tasted a little of it myself in my limited experience as a typewriter poet.

  4. Ha, that's the most accurate depiction of being a typewriter poet too... pets is such a common topic, and you nail the thoughts going through one's head. I need to catch up on this blog, I am excited to have so much content to peruse!