Sunday, December 6, 2020

Installment 4



  1. I like "Poems mean too much". Makes me feel that the best of Heidegger is at the heart of this.

  2. This is so good, the highlight of my day at the moment, I really look forward to my bedtime reading. You’ve packed so much in already, but it doesn’t feel overcrowded or overdone.

  3. Your story has just hooked me up. <3

    A teacher of English in Mexico teaches you the English language...
    A teacher of English in the States... Teaching English in a country that already speaks English... It's confusing to me... (>/////<)

    "La cucaracha ya no puede caminar" = The cockroach cannot walk anymore...
    It's a Mexican popular song... Very embarrassing... (>////<)

  4. Great story of a story and poems. I await the outcome of the typewriter repair shop.