Monday, February 15, 2021

The continuing saga of the “Govrland"

Seen on eBay this morning:

Cool T-shirt, huh? Yes ... except that the typewriter looks so darn weird. What is that huge structure in front of the platen?

I know the answer, of course. This is yet another representation of a fake typewriter made in China, originally designed as a crude imitation of a Gourland. This silly thing has taken many forms over the years, even appearing as a tattoo on the skin of some hapless person who has obviously never used a real typewriter.

I'll take it as yet another sign of the enduring appeal of typewriters ... but I do wish artists would bother to do a little more research before they create yet another iteration of a phony.

PS: "Sincerily"?


  1. Ha! Well they wouldn't make it if there wasn't a market for it. (:

  2. Artistic license at its worst.

  3. It's so weird and funny. Could it be they do this consciously to evade patent fees? No forger would sue another forger for imitating his imitation, right?

  4. This reminds me of Adwoa's red dress; or the saga of the red dress. I thought of it after I left a comment yesterday. So I looked it up.
    Typewriter Dress A real typewriter, but a hijacked image.

  5. This is connected somehow with the mystifying practice of designing clothing with nonsensical English phrases and misspelled words: it seems to go beyond mere indifference to prize inauthenticity as a positive virtue!