Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Interview on Red Transmissions Podcast

Thanks to Elizabeth Torres, aka Madam Neverstop, for a great interview on the Red Transmissions Podcast. Our conversation includes today’s typewriter movement, typewriter art and music, books on typewriters, where to find machines, and which models to begin with. Find it at https://reddoormagazine.com/podcast/ or on other podcast platforms.


  1. This might have been the first podcast I've ever listened to in its entirety. Great interview Richard!

  2. Had you in my while I was out for my morning walk. It was a wonderful interview. You should do more of them Richard.

  3. hallo,

    i have a document that was typed with at type writer, i need to know in what type writer it was written.

    can i send it to you ? do you think you can tell ?

  4. Great interview, I really enjoyed listening to this :)