Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Change your e-mail subscription to this blog


URL to enter: http://writingball.blogspot.com


  1. We can still send 'zines during the next year or so that the Post Office remains operating.

    1. At least there's that! The digital-skeptic underground can still function, more or less, on paper.

  2. The change is noted. I've not read anything from Google for quite some time. As I get time I am moving to WP since the last Blogger changes are the worst ever. I think it was done to drive people from the platform. WP is nice but costs about $100/year for a site and ad-free service.

  3. In case that's useful: I follow your blog using a notification that uses IFTTT (https://ifttt.com/), with a rule that says "send me an email when there is a new post on this blog". I didn't even know that Blogger had email notifications.

    I understand the worry that Google might give up entirely on Blogger. Blogger has been close to abandonware for 10 years if not longer. The "improvements" they are making to the blog platform are barely improvements at all. But I think that there are too many Blogger users for that to happen. You never know, of course, and everybody should make sure to regularly export/backup their posts and keep their options open.

    This said, I don't think we have to worry about blogging in general dying: there are many ways to host a blog besides Google and Wordpress, including free options, and it is still a thriving way to express yourself - and the best there is online.

    I don't blog much (but I have the eternal hope to do so more) but this year I moved my personal blog to a completely different platform. It's a statically-generated site (via Jekyll) hosted on GitHub. I was able to import all my old Blogger posts using an importer that is part of Jekyll, and keep the comments via Disqus. It's a very refreshing setup compared to Blogger, and it's 100% free. If GitHub stops wanting to host such content, the exact same setup can be moved to any provider able to serve static content.

  4. urg ):
    I suppose it's not much of a surprise that depending on a free service for putting your content online was always an iffy proposition, but it's still unfortunate and scary that Google could wipe out 90% of the Typosphere in a single stroke on a whim. There is still plenty of places you can go to get a managed self-hosted Wordpress setup for around $5/month, which is not beholden to the whims of Google and could be a good option for many. It's always best to be in total control of your content, I think, but it does require a little monetary outlay and some amount of learning curve.
    Still, may Google not force the issue is my wish. (: