Monday, June 14, 2021


Long live SCFACMs! Visit on Instagram to see more variations and request a hi-res file. (And yes, Instagram/Facebook is a supreme example of surveillance capitalism, but we can work within the system to undermine it...)


  1. I love it! I'll check it out to see if it or any shirts are being sold. We've got a Type-Out, hopefully, on 17 July.

  2. I wonder if the listening devices people invite into their homes hear when you are typing and makes guesses about *what* you are typing based on the OCR'd text of your blog posts? it's really just a matter of linking data sources and application of AI. :D

    1. Oh good lord! Fortunately, I never have put a smart speaker in my home, and never will.

    2. Ted, this is why your sound-deadening project for typewriters is so important. Or use thermal machines!

    3. "paranoia, the destroyer."

      - ray davies/the kinks

    4. thanks for the lovin', richard.

      it was a great thing after a couple hours on the phone making corporations do what i pay them to do to find an email from your blog with my work on it.

      truly needed the boost.

      peace out.