Sunday, October 24, 2021

This machine brings tiny flowers of courage in the middle of the night

I'm not generally a fan of Charles Bukowski, but today I reread this poem and was moved.



  1. Very very good, thanks for uncovering it!

  2. enormous bukowski fan here. this is a new poem to me. seems it was published in 2005, after i stopped collecting his works.

    the book is "slouching toward nirvana." with the buddha mentioned and the name of the book, i'll have to get it now.

    thanks, richard.


  3. Thank you. That hit the spot. Today I have been feeling the years more than I have a right to.

  4. This was a perfect “collection of words” for one of those nights. Like you, Richard, I’ve never been the biggest Bukowski fan, but this one did what it was meant to do. Thank you for sharing it.