Sunday, January 16, 2022

What's an Andretti typewriter?

I am looking forward to watching “The French Dispatch” when it streams and I can pause to ogle all the typewriters. 

Here are 3 sizes of the “Andretti Ribbon-Mate,” based on Max Bill’s 1944 design for the Patria (also used for Swissa, Voss Privat, Japy, Byron, Oliver, and Amaya—see p. 11 of ETCetera no. 89). (This isn’t an image from the film, but a photo posted by a blogger who visited an exhibit of props from the movie.)

The “Andretti” in this poster (designed by Pascal Blanchet) is obviously based on the Hermès Baby. 

The following two posters for the film reference the Olympia Traveller 

How quickly can you find the typewriter here?

PS: Visit Robert Messenger's blog for a look at the real-life background for the film.


  1. Nice. In keeping with the subtlety usually found in the art direction of Anderson's films, the lettering of the Andretti typewriter logo (on the machines) matches the lettering of the magazine masthead, which in turn mirrors the signage of the French Dispatch building façade. I also appreciate that the only labeled keys on the typewriter in the salmon-colored poster are the keys needed to type THE FRENCH DISPATCH.

  2. Hi Richard. French Dispatch is available to stream now. I bought it recently.

    1. I watched it last night. Lots of fun! And I was not disappointed by the profusion of typewriters.

    2. I am a big fan of Wes Anderson movies, and this one now holds top spot for me. Have watched it three times in the last few weeks to allow myself to get more of the subtlety and symbolism. In order words, I have not yet succumbed to ennui from the movie.

  3. HINT: Hermes fans will not be disappointed.