Sunday, April 30, 2023

I appear in the Cincinnati Enquirer

Every decade or so, I get highlighted in Cincinnati media as a local oddball. (Here's a story from Cincinnati Magazine, 1999.)

Recently (though not very recently) Cameron Knight of the Cincinnati Enquirer interviewed me by letter. His story has now been published—and I was surprised to find myself on the front page of the Sunday paper, looking all too serious. I'm called an "eclectic." (Is that the polite version of "eccentric"?) 

It's a fine story, not just about me but about today's typewriter culture in general. Click on the image below for a PDF.


If you happen to subscribe to the Enquirer, you can find the digital version here, complete with animated typed captions and a few extra photos.


  1. Nice! Being the local oddball is a good thing.

  2. Eclectic is actually well chosen: an eclectic interior is made of objects with a style from different periods. Your favorite objects are from different periods as well.

  3. If only I had waited! I paid a dollar (and had to make a phone call to cancel) to read the article. The article was one of the better ones that covered the current state of our passion. I even got several new visits to VH. But my favorite part is the photo within the Cincinnati Magazine ... a long lost movie poster for "Ohio Jones and the Temple of Typewriters"? <cue the music - Tah-Da-Da-Daaah Ta-Da-Da.)

  4. What a great article! Such a unique and creative approach to it too - typewritten letters. Congratulations to you, Joe and Sarah!

  5. Great article! Congratulations! I just read it a few minutes ago on JVC's blog.