Sunday, September 3, 2023

One weird trick for fixing your typewriter case handle

It's time for another installment in my once-a-decade "one weird trick" series!

I've seen many a dilapidated typewriter case handle, but this one for a 1935 Royal A was so far gone that it revealed the secrets of how at least some of these handles were constructed. The leather (leatheroid?) exterior is nailed on. The bulk of the handle consists of nothing more than coarse paper wrapped around a metal core.

This is the core—just a flat metal strip that's been bent, twisted, and crimped.

To the rescue: some automotive tubing that's been lying around. (I periodically go to the auto parts store and stock up on lengths of tubing in various sizes—so useful for recovering feed rollers.) The metal handle needs to be opened up and detached on one end. The tubing should be just long enough to cover most of the handle, while leaving room for the end to be reattached, crimped shut, and tucked into the tubing.

Voilà! A very comfortable, good-looking, and durable handle befits the cleaned-up typewriter case.

Wait till you see the beautiful typewriter itself ... and watch for another weird trick, coming soon.


  1. The Silver Surfer called - he wants his phone back :D

    1. Ha! I believe that's a 1990s attempt at a retro 1930s look.