Sunday, October 31, 2010

A dark horse from the Land of the Rising Sun


  1. I had a similar awakening of respect for the japanese typewriter when I got a Brother Charger for my daughter. Smooth, fast and quiet, it felt more substantial than a plastic-shelled machine should have been. And, being a more recent vintage than many that catch my eye (none younger than me is my motto), it hadn't yet enough time to degrade with neglect :-)

  2. Looks familiar! Although all the Brother models of this vintage look about the same, don't they?

    I'm curious where you added felt. Noise is a big problem with this machine for me, and a little dampening would go a long way. As I recall, there's not a ton of clearance on the inside, but enough that a sheet of sticky-back felt might do the trick.

  3. Mike, I see that your machine is a fancy one with tabulator and speed spacer -- nice!

    I added felt to the ribbon cover and back panel (which is actually one piecer with the lower panel). I also put felt on areas that were already covered with some cardboardy substance -- the lower panel and side panels. Does the felt make a dramatic difference? No, not really, but at least it's something fun to do in the workshop. To minimize noise, you might also want to make sure that you don't have any screws loose (literally speaking).

    This is actually a Silver-Seiko, which is a different company from Brother; but the basic design is certainly similar.

  4. My brain said Silver-Reed/Silver-Seiko, my hands said Brother. I actually CAN read, just not type.

    I'll check for loose screws. Ahem.