Wednesday, October 27, 2010



  1. Was too embarrassed to admit (after seeing your bookshelves) that I didn't know who Keeler is. I'll definitely pick up something of his to read. Any recommendations for a Keeler neophyte?
    (Or should I go to your Keeler page. You have a Keeler page, right?!)

    My wedding anniversary (going on 16!) is 11/3. I'll consider that a good omen.

  2. Nothing embarrassing about it. Only 0.000001% of the world has heard of Keeler, and he is ideal reading for only 0.000002%. But perhaps you will be among those. Here's my Keeler site. As first Keelers, I might recommend The Riddle of the Traveling Skull or The Skull of the Waltzing Clown (he was a craniophile).

  3. That's a really nice font...

  4. Thanks -- this was typed on my Olivetti Lexikon 80.

  5. Okay, follow-up comments.
    1) Brought home the Riddle of the Traveling Skull and - just flipping through it - found a page encouraging me to contact one Richard Polt to join the Keeler Society (or some such - don't have it with me).
    2) What typewriter did Keeler use? I'd be willing to be it was a machine that has a dedicated "!" key, because I think he likely wore that sucker out.
    3) interesting so far. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. I'm glad you're liking HSK so far. He used an early L.C. Smith, with return lever on the right, and typed his first drafts on continuous rolls. He bought the machine used and typed millions of words on it from about 1914 to 1964. Now that's a writing machine!