Monday, December 6, 2010

Free Cassandre Graphika font

PS: I used a carbon ribbon, advancing it by hand, to get the crispest possible impressions of the characters.

Visit my website to get Cassandre Classic — a new font designed by Ian Davies — and Reiner Graphika.


  1. Great! No need to worry about type alignment with this one either :) Thanks.

  2. thanks for sharing! i like it! :-D

  3. Richard, I seem to remember that typeface, I think its proper name is Reiner Consillius.It was a very popular typeface at that time (the 60's). On the subject of typefaces, the one that I hanker for was called "Diploma" used on the Olivetti Tekne Electric Typewriter. If you come across one of these please let me know.
    Best regards, John