Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Typewriter hospital


  1. You always come across the coolest typewriters!

  2. Yes, "Mariano Azuela" wrote "They who are down" (I can't translate its Spanish title very well). Yes, the Mexican Revolution existed (1910-1921) although it was useless because the situation in general wasn't totally modified but rather some aspects. Yes, this is the why there's no a worldwide famous Mexican writer yet: The story of that machine is sad indeed. Unfortunately, those situations are very common in my country, Mexico. Remember, I bought my 70's Olivetti Lettera 31 in the year 2011 at just $50 MXN because the seller at that sad, depressing thrift store thought it was out of service. Remember that I bought a mistreated 80's Olympia SG 3, and this model is the mainstream standard at all Mexican offices; normally, officers and their typists are bitter-hearted and usually abuse and mistreat the office equipment attempting to get even. :(

    Your Smith-Corona is a true treasure. Even the lastest models are almost impossible to get in my country...xD