Sunday, September 1, 2013

Revolution in the mailbox: Update from Bikethru and The Spruce Goose

Insurgents who closely follow the goings-on in my physical mailbox will remember that the famous and mysterious Agent Bikethru sent me a card written with that reactionary implement, a pen. Now comes a properly typed letter that explains all:

Brilliant work, comrade! I will soon add W. Kern AG to my international list of repair shops.

This item also turned up in my mailbox recently:

Thanks, Agent X!

It's not widely known that Howard Hughes also built a 1200-foot balsawood typewriter.


  1. My understanding is that it self-ignited through friction during a speed typing demonstration held as part of a cheer-leading camp. All escaped, although there was a bit of pom-pom singeing in the R through I section.

  2. Good to hear from Agent Bikethru. One thing I have always wanted to see in person is the Spruce Goose.

  3. I wish I had seen those bike stands when I was in Zurich last year. I hope they have some way of carrying the typewriter.

  4. A new insurgency has just broken out in the heart of the digital world, the Silicon Valley. Please standby for the typewritten memo.