Monday, April 28, 2014

Cincinnati type-in, April 26, 2014

The type-in was a very enjoyable event on a beautiful day, in the funky and hospitable Sitwells Coffee House. Brian Brumfield and the typin'est family in Ohio (all clad in "Yes, I WILL fix your typewriter!" T-shirts) were a major presence, as were Bryan and Heather Sherwood from Kentucky (also with great custom T-shirts). Cincinnati typewriter insurgents, both known and previously unknown to me, also attended. Here are a few random photos of the type-in and things typed there—including two excellent poems.


The following sheet was typed on an Olympia SM3 USB typewriter:

And here's what came out on the screen of my laptop:

The quick brown fox jumjped over the lazy dog.  tjhe quick browqn foxjumped over the lazy dog.

kljtlhis is the Ollympia SG ltat is hoked up to the USB stypewriter lconversion kit.
qwe y;uiop.

lhow fasatlcan this machine g


“’”;’:’’’’’”””””””””””””’’’’this cofelhousehas somewo derf;ul lhotlchocolate that it serves to thelpsthat eat here. i tyink athatthe;cholcolotasis pp rety god.
Return with the half keyrrrrrwwwwqqqqqqqqwwwq55555555kkkkkkjhJJJ

testing tt This is a test of quick typing on the USB Typewriter, and it does work rather well, it seems. hhghg                                                      geet ouut of herehi

this is really cool
dad youo should buy this for meek
SYou mmean SSSI donn*t need my coomputer keyboaard anymoeaa;saahello                          abcdefghijklmn rstuvwxyza

The Brumfields brought a rare "cordless" electric Smith-Corona, in very nice condition. It actually does have a cord, but can also run on battery power. Brian managed to make some new batteries work in the machine.

My Blickensderfer № 6 was another popular typewriter.

As I typed above, "I brought the Blick 6 to the type-in at Ian [sorry, should be Connor] Brumfield's request. I took a new look at the squashed feed roller and found it could be replaced by a Royal feed roller." So my Blickcasts no longer have to look screwy, like this. I had installed an ink roller for a printing calculator, which got dried out; I tried soaking some WD-40 into it and the results were pretty good.

This trio of attendees included two poets: Billy Golden (L, on a wedge worthy of The Bumbys) and Sam McCormick (R, on a 1923 Remington portable no. 2 from The Urban Legend Institute)  

I asked Sam and Billy to write poems about the type-in, and they really delivered!

I'm looking forward to the next type-in!


  1. What fun!
    A battery-operated Smith-Corona? Awesome!

  2. Nice pictures and write-up, Richard! I wish I'd taken more pix - just absorbed in the individual moments that evaporated the time away. Was great meeting you and the other Cincy typospherians (even if they don't realize that they are typospherians :) )
    Until the next Type-In ....

  3. Whoa! That looks like an awesome time was had!

  4. Great write-up/photo story. Both poems are beautiful and I love the way Billy decorates the page with corrections.

  5. I'm sorry to have missed that! very cool.

  6. Congratulations on the fine type-in. I do believer every one had a spectacular time!

  7. Added your report to (:

  8. Thank you for reporting from this beautiful event. The t-shirts are a nice extra for the show. Bravo for poetry!

  9. Quite a bunch of people, great!