Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Revolution in the mailbox: Skrivmaskinsupproret i Sverige

My recent correspondence on paper includes a missive from Agent T in Sweden:

Well done, Agent T! (I expect the big, green typewriter was a Halda.)

Here is the Swedish version of the Typewriter Insurgency Manifesto.


  1. Trading card game! Typewriter Top Trumps - excellent idea.

  2. Hooray! A couple more people converted to the Insurgency! One by one, all come back to the mechanic world.

  3. Heh, one of my early ideas for the Typewriter Database was to turn it into an MMO where you would scoot about in space visiting planetary thrift shops and garage sales in search of machines from the Database galleries. Something along the lines of "Secret Society Wars: Huggles & Ponies" mechanically. I'll have to dig up the H&P codebase and play around with that idea some more...

  4. Okay, .....I must have missed something?! I've heard the terms, but didn't know that there was an actual Typewriter Insurgency Manifesto. Where, or from whom did it come, and where do I get an english copy? Actually, I'm probably already living it!? Richard, was this your deal? Thanks, and "viva la insurgency"

    1. The Manifesto was my creation, although I would reject any label of "leader" and I think a hundred flowers should bloom. Follow this link to see the original Manifesto, some translations, and a critique by my analytic philosopher friend, Marty Rice. For my book, The Typewriter Insurgency: A Field Manual for the Typewritten Revolution, I'm using a briefer version of the Manifesto (starting with "We assert our right").

  5. I keep forgetting to leave the manifesto around. Las Vegas would have been a good place for it.