Tuesday, October 28, 2014

If you build it, will they type?

PS: The machine cleaned up with no problem and works very well. I could write comfortably and quickly on this typewriter all day.


  1. Nice choice for a public typer. very rugged and attractive (:

  2. That is quite a workhorse! I can tell from experience that those big white machines are built to take lots of punishment. I hope it can encourage your colleagues to type on it!

    1. Someone has already typed an original limerick!

  3. Now that is a fun keyboard! It certainly will reward those who decide to use it.

    Oddly enough, just like with your depression post, my next post is going to be related to this one.

  4. While in Edinburgh for a few days, my girlfriend and I left our typewriters out with paper in them in our hotel room and wound up having a daily typewritten exchange with the people who cleaned our room. No limericks, sadly, but some very polite but heartfelt exchanges. I've long been thinking of leaving a typewriter & paper in the hallway of the building where I have my office with a note urging people to type something. You've given me inspiration to move forward.

    Rob in NYC

    Oh, and fabulous keyboard, by the way. Maybe for a high school science department?

  5. A very nifty idea. Hope it gets a lot of use! On the question "if you build it, will they type?" the thing that came to mind was that perhaps Richard Uhlig should have asked himself that question more than once!

  6. Very nice SG3. The display is a great idea. Odd keyboardd though only having pi and delta if it were for engineering.

  7. I like the typeface on that SG3. Reminds me of the one (don't know its name) on the Underwood De Luxe Quiet Tab.

  8. That type style is the most common in Mexican Olympias SG 3...xD

    I have the same model, but with a square type style, similar with a computer font known as Larabiefont...xD