Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Underwood Electric: Blast it! (And a survey)

What to do with this dirty shell now that I've removed it from the Underwood Electric?

Happily, my university's Physics department maintains a nice machine shop including this blasting cabinet:

This is an inside view. You slip your hands into the gloves so you can handle the sandblasting gun and the pieces. The cabinet uses a fan to vent any dust, and recycles the abrasive. 

This is the view you get while working. Just watch as the paint is gradually erased.

— And the result:

A little steel wool and Mother's polish can make the surface smoother and shinier:

Now, just for fun (i.e. I am not promising to obey the will of the people), let's have a survey on what I should do with these body pieces. Most of the survey options are based on readers' suggestions in comments so far, and you also have the chance to make further suggestions.

Take the survey here.

It will close about 48 hours after the time of this post.


  1. impressive! you will need sunglasses while typing.

  2. Shiny! :D
    Wish I had a sandblaster. Got a few I'd like to get stripped myself.

  3. So handy to have use of a blaster cabinet. Glass bead media?

  4. PS: nice pencil sharpener next to the blast cabinet (:

  5. PPS: replace the rear shell with an equivalently-shaped piece of clear plexiglass so onlookers can see the innards growl while you use it at type-ins. :D

    1. Actually, Ted, I was thinking along the same lines, but with large cut-outs on the sides where the gears are. Either rectangular, like old standards of the past, or circular 'port-hole' cut-outs right over the gears. Hmm...trippy!

  6. I had an idea for a black & white paint-job on my Quiet-Riter so that it looked like a '50 squad car. I began to go cold on the idea when I realised how much work it would involve, since I wanted to include a LAPD decal on the side. Either that or a yellow and black Checker Cab colour scheme.