Saturday, October 10, 2015

An urgent letter

Who's with me? Let's help some Silicon Valley bureaucrats have a more interesting day.

Any letters or postcards you choose to share with me will be posted below.

Thanks to Peter E. for his swift typewritten action!

Zoltán C. contributes a petition in Serbian:

PS: For the sad end to the typewriter emoji saga, read this post.


  1. Certainly a typewriter would be far more useful than the "Lion Face".

    1. And that is a set of smiling and laughing faces, in case it doesn't show up for anyone.

  2. a few possibilities :)

  3. You may have already researched this, but it turns out that it's possible to submit a specific application for an emoji character to be added to the standard. The generic instructions are here: and the parts that apply only to emoji are here: It looks as though the right way to move things forward would be to submit a formal proposal, probably after working through the emoji selection guidelines and at least preparing an argument why the typewriter would meet them. On my first read, I think it looks like we'd have a fairly strong case.

    1. Thanks, but it looks like your links disappeared.

    2. Oops. Let's try this: and perhaps?

    3. Looking at their guidelines (here: I believe that we have a fighting chance. Google Trends reports that in general people search for 'floppy disk' ⅓ as much as 'typewriter'. Just look at this comparison:,floppy%20disk,rolodex

      I hereby put forth the candidacy of the Underwood No.5 as the emoji face of typewriting. After all, post-Underwood most machines changed to the same general form factor and the No.5 is one of the most common machines out there.

    4. I agree, the Underwood no. 5 would be a great choice as the proto-typical typewriter.