Friday, October 9, 2015

We demand a typewriter emoji

The emoji character set includes all sorts of old-fashioned objects: a floppy disk, a pager, an old TV, a videotape...

... But no typewriter!

When emojistas want to suggest a typewriter, they have to make do with a fax machine or a Rolodex. This is a travesty. 

Where do we complain? How do we start a petition? And who's going to design the typewriter emoji when it becomes official?

(The petition starts with my next post.)


  1. For typewriter's sake, they even have a fountain pen! Clearly, those behind the creation of these Emoji's are not aware of the strength of The Revolution

  2. Bill Owens found some answers for me. Let's type some letters to:

    The Unicode Consortium
    P.O. Box 391476
    Mountain View, CA 94039-1476

  3. Here here!!!! I found this from googling "Typewriter emoji" and a sad-face emoji was needed for lack of discovery :(

  4. Petition here :D

    1. Thanks for this link, Filipe. I just signed, bringing the current petition total to a whopping EIGHT (out of 100). COME ON, people -- let's get busy!