Thursday, September 7, 2017

“California Typewriter" opens across the US

I've just been authorized to post the following list of theater locations for the film "California Typewriter." In case you don't know, this brilliant documentary centers on a Berkeley typewriter shop and involves artists, collectors, poets, writers, and others who love typewriters today. My Typewriter Manifesto is featured in the film (see above) and I play a modest role. Some type-ins or other events may take place in association with some of these showings. Support 21st-century typewriting and see this film in a theater if you can!


  1. Modest role perhaps but you are pretty much the #1 star of the trailer!

  2. You only usher in a turning point in the movie!!!!!

    1. Things do seem to take a turn for the better once the Manifesto becomes manifest ...

  3. I'm surprised the Grandin Theater in Roanoke, VA is not screening it. They used to screen all kind of neat movies when I lived there. I guess I'll head to Philly or D.C. if possible. Then I just may pay my daughter a visit is Sacramento.